Social Media – so much to do! whew!

Today I am blocked creatively.  I spent most of this morning working on Social Media and I think I’m burned out just a bit.  I started my Business Facebook page.  That was actually super fun.  I think because I get to paste all these brightly colored pictures all over the page.  And believe it or not, it wasn’t too difficult.  I don’t know why I’ve been avoiding it for so long.  To have a business these days means you have to have all these Social Media accounts.  It can get very draining.  I have the following accounts: 

I’m still working on my Tumblr account.  All this feels like overkill so maybe I’ll use it for pictures that inspire me.  I still don’t have a Twitter or Instagram account.  One step at a time.  How do people keep up with all of this?

I wanted to share with you what I do when I’m blocked.  I create these crazy collages.  I dig thru old fashion and decorating magazines and just find things that give me ideas for products.  I think my Tumblr will be similar but an on-line format.  Have you ever tried to make your own collages?  I highly recommend it.  Here’s a few.  Enjoy:




I just wanted to include this picture of my studio with all the collages on the wall.  It helps me to think of new ideas and color combinations:




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