My youngest daughter is getting ready to start College this coming fall.  Remember those days?

The only college I applied for after high school was the American Academy of Art in downtown Chicago.  I so wanted to be an illustrator or a fine artist.  I took my portfolio and showed my work and was accepted.  The only bad thing was that my family didn’t have  any money.  I had no clue on how to get loans or financial aid.  So I never went.  I watched all my friends go off to that school.  Me?  I had to teach myself.  I remember right after high school I started doing abstract art.  I’d paint these really ugly pictures on canvas.   It never went anywhere.  Then I tried jewelry making.  I was instantly hooked.  I couldn’t really afford the supplies because I had my first office job and I made minimum wage.  I remember that job.  That was my first job where I learned to sketch thru out the day.  Ideas would just pop into my head so I’d sketch them.  This is something that I still do today.  I’ll be sitting in our staff meeting at work and a whole line of silk scarves will pop into my head.  It’s terrible.  Remember the movie Hitch?  Where Wil Smith tells the other guy to “be in the room.”  Day dreams and fantasies are for personal time.  I have to constantly remind myself of this as I’m taking a note down from my boss that we really need to schedule that very important meeting with our customer and my brain is telling me….oh by the way here’s a whole list of the polyurethane molds I’m going to create at the end of the day!  Ha ha!


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