Dangerous Art

I realize that it’s been quite some time that I’ve written on my blog and really…it’s all crap.  I’ve been ignoring the blog on purpose.  It’s so hard to talk about yourself and you wonder – do people really want to read about all the crap that’s in your head?  I guess they do because blogs are so popular.  OK so here goes.  Everyone says when you are an artist – you should have a blog. OK here it is.  Ha ha  OK.  I vow – starting today – Feb 2nd, 2013 that I will write stuff out here in cyberspace even if no one is reading it.  I will try to do one post a week.  I will try to make it as interesting as I can.   Which…is a joke but here goes anyway….

Dangerous Art:

I almost had a near death experience with my jewelry buffer last weekend.  I do all the sanding and buffing in my garage workshop because it’s very dirty work.  You get dust all over the place.  It was January here in Chicago and absolutely freezing so I was bundled up in a sweater coat while buffing out a customer’s resin bracelet.  Well….big mistake.  My buffer is not anchored down with screws so it kept vibrating closer and closer to me and chomped on to my sweater sleeve.  The buffer snatched on and wouldn’t let go!  It actually spun round and round my sleeve many times frantically pulling in more and more of my sweater around the wheel.  I was trapped!  If you know how a buffer looks – it actually has prongs sticking out where you attach your cotton wheels.  Very dangerous.


One of the prongs shot off across my work table.  Nearly scared me to death as it swooped past my face.  I thought I was going to die!  The buffer hit the concrete floor.  It’s sort of broken.  Well…not really…it does work but only in the most fastest setting which I call bionic speed.  I can’t put it on the slowest setting so it burns all the resin bangles.  Ugh.  I ordered a new one.

I think I learned my lessons.  1.  Permanently attach buffer to work surface  2.  Do not wear sweaters while buffing  3.  Always wear ugly protective mask.  See lovely picture below:


Hey…who says resin jewelry making is glamorous!  It’s down right dangerous!  = – )


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