Having faith that what we make will eventually sell.

I still need to write the mold making post.  I’ve just had some orders to fill this weekend that I never got to the actual writing of it.  I did have one small thing to share.  Very small.  I’m just an ordinary girl with a dream of becoming a full time artist.  I always worry about not getting sales on my etsy site.  It’s rough.  I would just really love to transition from hobbyist to real business owner.

For all of those crafters and artists out there trying to make the sale….have faith that the sales will come.  Everything that we make eventually sells.  We have to plan for that eventual sale and just get the merchandise ready with lots of faith that it’s going to leave our hands and be shipped out to a new owner.   Every time I ignore my etsy site….no sales.  Once I start changing out the banner and taking new pictures and posting new pieces of work, the sales start coming in.  It’s nice.  I think we all just want some validation that what we create is worth the creating and that someone might eventually like it.   For those of you that know me…I run into a lot of road blocks.  I think for now I’m past it.  I hope a new block doesn’t pop up!   I have been really busy!  I’m on a pearl resin kick.



Now the fun part is carving and cleaning them up and sanding them!  I’ve only finished 3 of them:

hgfede  new pearl







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