Can you use acrylic paint to color resin? The answer is yes!

Resin bangles colored with acrylic paint


I don’t know where the idea came from but I had wondered if you could add acrylic paint to your resin creations?  After all, I must have 100’s of colors sitting in my garage from previous craft projects.   If this could be done it would really open up my color choices.  You can buy acrylic paint in a whole spectrum and they are easy to mix so it was time to experiment, however, my last resin experiment was not successful.


About 4 years ago, I did try to add nail polish to the resin.  It took almost 2 years for that mess to harden and to this day it’s still pretty flexible. Here’s a picture:


I can actually bend this bangle/cuff out of shape. So I pretty much gave up on trying to add weird things to the resin.


Flash forward to today.  I’ve been using artist pastels, Pearl X powder, glitter and Castin’ Craft resin dyes.  All of these options work well, however, I thought it might be time to try something new.  What if acrylic paint could be used?

The craft acrylic paint that comes in small 2 oz plastic bottles had tons of color options and it’s cheap!

Here are some of the brands you can buy at Hobby Lobby, JoAnn’s, Michaels:

  • Martha Stewart
  • Anita’s
  • Craftsmart
  • Apple Barrel
  • Americana
  • Folk Art
  • Ceramcoat
Lots of color options!

My very first try, I basically poured quite a bit of paint in to the resin. I didn’t really measure I just poured a big glop in to my cup.  Big mistake.  The result was very grainy, ugly particles.  Not ideal at all.  It took a week to cure. Here’s a picture below.  See the rough edges and speckles?


So I decided not to give up and use less paint. I used about this much:


It actually worked!  It did take a bit longer to cure. Maybe a day 1/2 instead of the usual 4 to 8 hours.  I tried to add a bit more paint and it still worked.  The amount you add will produce variations in the color.  Please see below.  The two bangles are made from the Americana Electric Pink.  The bangle on the left has a bit more color.  There is some graininess but it looks OK. I’ll know more once I try to sand it.

Americana Electric Pink actually looks like a vibrant corral!


Yay! So this actually worked. I’m so pleased. It means that the possibilities for color are endless.  Here are some examples of unfinished resin bangles that have been colored with the craft acrylic paint.


Here is another picture.  It compares the paint color with the actual results.  I would say that the cured resin color is very close to the actual paint color:

Take a look at the paint bottles compared to the results of the actual poured/colored bangles.

I hope you give this a try.  Be sure to send some pictures of your new creations!

Thanks for reading!




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