Having faith that what we make will eventually sell.

I still need to write the mold making post.  I’ve just had some orders to fill this weekend that I never got to the actual writing of it.  I did have one small thing to share.  Very small.  I’m just an ordinary girl with a dream of becoming a full time artist.  I always worry about not getting sales on my etsy site.  It’s rough.  I would just really love to transition from hobbyist to real business owner.

For all of those crafters and artists out there trying to make the sale….have faith that the sales will come.  Everything that we make eventually sells.  We have to plan for that eventual sale and just get the merchandise ready with lots of faith that it’s going to leave our hands and be shipped out to a new owner.   Every time I ignore my etsy site….no sales.  Once I start changing out the banner and taking new pictures and posting new pieces of work, the sales start coming in.  It’s nice.  I think we all just want some validation that what we create is worth the creating and that someone might eventually like it.   For those of you that know me…I run into a lot of road blocks.  I think for now I’m past it.  I hope a new block doesn’t pop up!   I have been really busy!  I’m on a pearl resin kick.



Now the fun part is carving and cleaning them up and sanding them!  I’ve only finished 3 of them:

hgfede  new pearl







Flickr!! Go Check It Out!


Have you guys seen the new Flickr?  What did they do to it?  Looks awesome!!!  I like that new banner they have up with all the colors!  I couldn’t believe it!!  OK I seriously have to go back and start writing my next post on resin bangle mold making.  Coming soon.  I’ve just been super lazy with the Memorial Day Holiday here in the U.S. that I haven’t even started it.


More road blocks. What gives?

Hi everyone,

I’m back to going thru that really weird block again.  I think it’s fear of success.  Or could it be fear of failure?  Not sure.  I joined a women in business group and that is just fabulous.  Lots of great people all trying to help each other’s business.    However my phone and e-mail started blowing up.  I think I was also listed on facebook as an artist of the week.  I also had a well known company make fantastic comments on my work.  This all sent me in to the weirdest downward spiral.  Why?  These are all the things that I so wished to happen to me.  My goal is to become a full time professional craftsman and make all my stuff full time.  Why the weird block?  Any one else go thru this?  I just can’t explain it.  I  started ignoring my e-mails.  I won’t check my etsy site.  I have not made a bangle in over a month.  I just don’t know what to do with this.  I have a couple of books that I should re-read that talks about resistance and why we do this to block our success.  Ok.  I’m back.  I had to take a break and look at one of my books.  If you are on a quest to start your own business or figure out new work or a new life, I highly recommend this book:


It’s called, I could do anything if I only knew what it was by Barbara Sher.  I read this book back in the early 90’s and it really helped me to become an artist and show my work.  It has taken me over 20 years or so to show my work.  It’s been a tough struggle for me.  I was always ashamed to show what I created.  Well….she talks about this resistance that I must be feeling.  I think I just hit it on the head.  I’m just plain ole scared!  I had one bangle come back from a customer.  I think I’m just feeling like no 0ne will like my work.  It means everything for me to make these bangles and my bangles are not as pretty as some people’s work.  Maybe I’m freaking my self out thinking that when I make something – it has to be super stellar or don’t bother making anything.  This is so not good.  Solution?  I read in another book and I can’t remember which one but it says when you are afraid to start something it’s because the task looks overwhelming.  If you break the task down and do the smallest part of it, you find that you can do more.   Example:  Exercise.  We all want to get started but It looks like just too much work.  But…if you start with just maybe jogging in place for one minute you find that you can do more and then the task is not so daunting.  OK.  I will take my own advice.  I’m going to go into my studio and even if I have to sit there all day, I’m going  to make something.  Just a small action – say arrange the bangles.  Then maybe I will want to start sanding them.  Does any of this make sense?  Probably not.

Meanwhile…I’m supposed to be putting together another post on how I make my resin bangle molds.  That is coming soon.  Plus I’m going to share some bangle making secrets like how to make striped resin bangles easily.

Thanks for reading!