I Love Color!

Obsessed with color?  So am I!  That’s why I love making resin items.  Thanks so much for stopping by my site of all things colorful and crafty.  I hope you like what you see and a big warm welcome to you!

Colorful Bangles




Don’t worry, my site is not only about resin but also all kinds of fun art projects, crafts, sewing, knitting, soap making and a mishmash of things.  So please stop back often.  You never know what I’m up to.  I’m usually buried in glitter and glue and fabric swatches!  I hope you do the same! Try out that project that you’ve been thinking about.  I would love to see it!

Colorful Bangles
Colorful Bangles
darkbut good
Colorful Bangles
Resin Jewelry

A Peek Into My Studio

My studio actually keeps changing.  I do all the dirty work like sanding in my garage to try to keep the dust contained because resin making really is a messy hobby.  My kids keep moving in and out and I keep shifting the rooms around.  Pretty soon I will be an empty nester and my plan is to take my current bedroom and turn it in to an awesome studio with cabinets surrounding the entire room and make a large work table for sewing and pattern drafting.  I might even paint it pink because I can and won’t have anyone to complain about the pink and beg me to paint it….ugh….neutral.  Oh the horror!


These are some old pictures.








Hi everyone! Welcome to my site of all things brite and colorful!

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Sea Glass Resin Bangles

My name is Kim and I reside in a suburb outside the great city of Chicago with my two daughters and two large and very furry children – Rex & Lucy.   I just love creating things!  It’s been a life- long   obsession since I was a very little girl.  I knew  at age 5 that I wanted to be an artist as I redecorated my Barbie townhouse, created entire villages and even a pop up camper for little stuffed animals sewn from bits of discarded scraps of fabric.  I still continue to make all sorts of things to this day.

I’m completely self taught – learning mostly from craft books and sometimes even You Tube!  I’ve dabbled in just about every medium possible but I always seem to gravitate back to resin, silk, bear making, soap making, and knitting.


Just learned to crochet.


My day begins with my full time job as a secretary.  I guess I should be part of the “Naughty Secretary Club” because as I’m booking meetings and typing e-mails, I’m constantly planning in my head all the projects I’m going to do when I get home.  I have this obsession with constantly sketching through out the day as new ideas for products constantly pop into my head.  On my lunch hour, I usually photograph bangles on our conference room table at work.  If you look closely enough in my photographs you can see the city in the background!

Once my day is over I head home to hang out with Rex & Lucy in our garage workshop.   Not very glamorous but we spend hours watching old movies, pouring resin, sanding and painting fun colorful pieces of silk.

For me…it’s all about the color.  The brighter the better.   I’m addicted to bold color,  interesting color combinations and fun funky patterns.

My favorite color is blue.

I’m inspired by  Vintage Pucci,  Vera Neuman,Lilly Pullitzer,  Dena Designs, Anna Maria Horner, Amy Butler, Peggy Russell, Sylvia Edwards, Heather Bailey, Orna Lalo, Alexis Bittar, Kate Spade, Silly Little Suitcase, Tory Burch, Dorje Designs,  Hallmark Cards, and anything that is bright and happy.


I wanted to work for Hallmark but I don’t think I have it.  I used to paint a lot of bears for my kids when they were little.  Not so much anymore.

I am so inspired by vintage jewelry.  I collect it obsessively.

colorful vintage

I collect vintage scarves – especially Vera Neuman.  Here are some vintage scarves framed in my house:



Resin, resin, resin!.  I just love it. 

The possibilities are endless with resin.  You can color it.  You can sand it.  You can form it into the most fascinating trinkets that hold the light and reflect and glow.  It’s like forming a jewel.  You never know what the final outcome will be and it’s such a surprise to unmold something that at first sight looks hideous but once you start polishing it – it transforms into something truly  amazing.


Raw bangles just pulled out of the molds.  Time to sand them.




A rainy spring day in the Chicago land area.  This is my garden. I’m inspired by the colors!

My other interests include gardening, baking & cake decorating, bear making,  hip hop ballet, all kinds of dance, was a former figure skater and currently working on my black belt in Shotokan Karate.  I love science fiction movies and all movies – English.  Love writing, the web all things computer related, and junk shopping.

I hope you enjoy my Blog and stop back often!



My Portfolio

Welcome to my Portfolio where you can see some of my best work.  I specialize in bright, happy colors!

Can you use acrylic paint to color resin? The answer is yes!

Resin bangles colored with acrylic paint


I don’t know where the idea came from but I had wondered if you could add acrylic paint to your resin creations?  After all, I must have 100’s of colors sitting in my garage from previous craft projects.   If this could be done it would really open up my color choices.  You can buy acrylic paint in a whole spectrum and they are easy to mix so it was time to experiment, however, my last resin experiment was not successful.


About 4 years ago, I did try to add nail polish to the resin.  It took almost 2 years for that mess to harden and to this day it’s still pretty flexible. Here’s a picture:


I can actually bend this bangle/cuff out of shape. So I pretty much gave up on trying to add weird things to the resin.


Flash forward to today.  I’ve been using artist pastels, Pearl X powder, glitter and Castin’ Craft resin dyes.  All of these options work well, however, I thought it might be time to try something new.  What if acrylic paint could be used?

The craft acrylic paint that comes in small 2 oz plastic bottles had tons of color options and it’s cheap!

Here are some of the brands you can buy at Hobby Lobby, JoAnn’s, Michaels:

  • Martha Stewart
  • Anita’s
  • Craftsmart
  • Apple Barrel
  • Americana
  • Folk Art
  • Ceramcoat
Lots of color options!

My very first try, I basically poured quite a bit of paint in to the resin. I didn’t really measure I just poured a big glop in to my cup.  Big mistake.  The result was very grainy, ugly particles.  Not ideal at all.  It took a week to cure. Here’s a picture below.  See the rough edges and speckles?


So I decided not to give up and use less paint. I used about this much:


It actually worked!  It did take a bit longer to cure. Maybe a day 1/2 instead of the usual 4 to 8 hours.  I tried to add a bit more paint and it still worked.  The amount you add will produce variations in the color.  Please see below.  The two bangles are made from the Americana Electric Pink.  The bangle on the left has a bit more color.  There is some graininess but it looks OK. I’ll know more once I try to sand it.

Americana Electric Pink actually looks like a vibrant corral!


Yay! So this actually worked. I’m so pleased. It means that the possibilities for color are endless.  Here are some examples of unfinished resin bangles that have been colored with the craft acrylic paint.


Here is another picture.  It compares the paint color with the actual results.  I would say that the cured resin color is very close to the actual paint color:

Take a look at the paint bottles compared to the results of the actual poured/colored bangles.

I hope you give this a try.  Be sure to send some pictures of your new creations!

Thanks for reading!



New Bangles


Here are some new bangles I’ve been working on.  I’ve been trying to work on my back drops/back grounds to come up with colorful pictures.  So very hard to do.

Working On Statement Necklaces

I recently splurged on an old Kate Spade necklace called cut to the chase. Bought it on E-bay which I’m addicted to.   Here’s a picture of the Citron and Pink necklaces:

Image result for kate spade cut to the chase 

The necklace was so expensive but I learned a few things from this necklace.  I learned that there is a formula to making the vintage necklaces from the 50’s and 60’s.  I’ll post it soon.


Here’s my first necklace done in inexpensive beads:


This was so much fun.  Now I’m going to have to make these necklaces in every color of the rainbow.  How fun is that?


Having faith that what we make will eventually sell.

I still need to write the mold making post.  I’ve just had some orders to fill this weekend that I never got to the actual writing of it.  I did have one small thing to share.  Very small.  I’m just an ordinary girl with a dream of becoming a full time artist.  I always worry about not getting sales on my etsy site.  It’s rough.  I would just really love to transition from hobbyist to real business owner.

For all of those crafters and artists out there trying to make the sale….have faith that the sales will come.  Everything that we make eventually sells.  We have to plan for that eventual sale and just get the merchandise ready with lots of faith that it’s going to leave our hands and be shipped out to a new owner.   Every time I ignore my etsy site….no sales.  Once I start changing out the banner and taking new pictures and posting new pieces of work, the sales start coming in.  It’s nice.  I think we all just want some validation that what we create is worth the creating and that someone might eventually like it.   For those of you that know me…I run into a lot of road blocks.  I think for now I’m past it.  I hope a new block doesn’t pop up!   I have been really busy!  I’m on a pearl resin kick.



Now the fun part is carving and cleaning them up and sanding them!  I’ve only finished 3 of them:

hgfede  new pearl






Flickr!! Go Check It Out!


Have you guys seen the new Flickr?  What did they do to it?  Looks awesome!!!  I like that new banner they have up with all the colors!  I couldn’t believe it!!  OK I seriously have to go back and start writing my next post on resin bangle mold making.  Coming soon.  I’ve just been super lazy with the Memorial Day Holiday here in the U.S. that I haven’t even started it.


I didn’t realize how busy I’ve been!

I didn’t realize how busy I have been until I recently checked out my flickr account.  Now mind you…I’ve been ignoring it for quite some time so I added a couple of pictures.  The funny thing about resin bangle making is that pretty much each bangle represents one day in my life.  It takes that long to sand just one.  OK…I’m exaggerating just a bit.  It takes me one evening after I get home from my regular day job.  Take a peak at this set of pics.  This is only a fraction of the bangles that I’ve completed.  Oh…there are a couple of scarves and rings below.  Those don’t count.  I guess you could say I have no life.  ha ha


More road blocks. What gives?

Hi everyone,

I’m back to going thru that really weird block again.  I think it’s fear of success.  Or could it be fear of failure?  Not sure.  I joined a women in business group and that is just fabulous.  Lots of great people all trying to help each other’s business.    However my phone and e-mail started blowing up.  I think I was also listed on facebook as an artist of the week.  I also had a well known company make fantastic comments on my work.  This all sent me in to the weirdest downward spiral.  Why?  These are all the things that I so wished to happen to me.  My goal is to become a full time professional craftsman and make all my stuff full time.  Why the weird block?  Any one else go thru this?  I just can’t explain it.  I  started ignoring my e-mails.  I won’t check my etsy site.  I have not made a bangle in over a month.  I just don’t know what to do with this.  I have a couple of books that I should re-read that talks about resistance and why we do this to block our success.  Ok.  I’m back.  I had to take a break and look at one of my books.  If you are on a quest to start your own business or figure out new work or a new life, I highly recommend this book:


It’s called, I could do anything if I only knew what it was by Barbara Sher.  I read this book back in the early 90’s and it really helped me to become an artist and show my work.  It has taken me over 20 years or so to show my work.  It’s been a tough struggle for me.  I was always ashamed to show what I created.  Well….she talks about this resistance that I must be feeling.  I think I just hit it on the head.  I’m just plain ole scared!  I had one bangle come back from a customer.  I think I’m just feeling like no 0ne will like my work.  It means everything for me to make these bangles and my bangles are not as pretty as some people’s work.  Maybe I’m freaking my self out thinking that when I make something – it has to be super stellar or don’t bother making anything.  This is so not good.  Solution?  I read in another book and I can’t remember which one but it says when you are afraid to start something it’s because the task looks overwhelming.  If you break the task down and do the smallest part of it, you find that you can do more.   Example:  Exercise.  We all want to get started but It looks like just too much work.  But…if you start with just maybe jogging in place for one minute you find that you can do more and then the task is not so daunting.  OK.  I will take my own advice.  I’m going to go into my studio and even if I have to sit there all day, I’m going  to make something.  Just a small action – say arrange the bangles.  Then maybe I will want to start sanding them.  Does any of this make sense?  Probably not.

Meanwhile…I’m supposed to be putting together another post on how I make my resin bangle molds.  That is coming soon.  Plus I’m going to share some bangle making secrets like how to make striped resin bangles easily.

Thanks for reading!