Trying Not To Be Lazy

April 17, 2013

OK back to the subject of staying motivated.  My level is still negative 100.  I have not been in my garage studio since fall.  What’s up with that?  Too cold in Chicago.  It’s now April and the weather is starting to warm up so I better get my butt in that garage and start sanding stuff.  Oh the dread.  = – )  I have at least 100 or more bangles to sand and get listed on Etsy.  I have been the biggest loaf of bread this winter.  Time to do a major over haul and get organized.  What a task that is going to be.  No more fat and lazy!  It’s unacceptable.  Look!  Even Lou (Lucy) is fat and lazy looking out the window.  This is supposed to be one of my studios but the dogs insist on sitting on my work cabinets.  What a bunch of butt head they are!


The next town over has an annual junk throw away day.  It’s a big recycling type event where everyone in the neighborhood can throw away anything.  It goes on for at least 3 weekends.  You can score kitchen cabinets, furniture, whatever.  It’s a great way to re-purpose old items.  I’m looking for tables and cabinets to redo my garage and get that organized in to a real studio.  One that is organized and efficient and where I can find all my tools and they are right in front and center instead of the disaster area that it’s in right now.  Ha ha  I’m sick and tired of searching and searching…where is that hammer?  Can’t find it.  What happened to my wire?  Oh yeah….there’s that bangle mold I’ve been looking for – for at least six months now.  Ugh!  I’ll keep you posted on my finds.


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